Why go for a bespoke wedding dress?

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Why go for a bespoke wedding dress?

One of the first things many brides start thinking about once they’re engaged, is their wedding dress. 

A bespoke wedding dress may feel out of reach, however I like to think a bespoke bridal outfit is more accessible than you may think.

You might have a very clear idea in your mind, or it might be that you like different elements of a range of dresses, but just not fully loving one dress. If this is the case, going bespoke may just solve these problems for you!

There are so many reasons to consider a bespoke bridal outfit…

Advantages of going bespoke with your wedding dress

You will love every detail 

Sometimes brides can go from shop to shop, searching for the dress, and just not finding the one. They love the top of one, the bottom of another, wishing there was a dress that combined all the elements they love. Well I have good news; that absolutely exists when you go bespoke!

The cost includes your fittings designer looking through fabric book

The bespoke process includes your fittings along the way, avoiding costly alterations at the end, on top of the cost of your dress. 

You can really express yourself 

Having your dress designed and made for you gives you the opportunity to really reflect your individual style. You are not limited to what is available on the rails. 

You are getting years of expertise at your fingertips

How often do you get the opportunity to sit down with an experienced designer, chat about ideas and have sketches drawn up to create the dress your dreams are made of? We can talk garment cuts, shades and fabric types all day long!

You will be supporting a local business 

There are so many designers out there that are passionate about creating unique bridal outfits to help people feel the best version of themselves. By choosing an independent designer, they are creating your dreams, and you are supporting theirs. 

You can have matching accessories made

Any left over lace or fabric can be used to create your perfect matching veil or accessory. Not only will it compliment your look, but it will minimise waste in the process.

Your dress will be truly one of a kind

You get the pleasure of knowing there is no other bride in the world with the same dress as you! You will be involved in the whole process from start to finish. right down to the choice of bridal buttons and finishes for your outfit.

If you want to talk ideas, lead times and options, feel free to get in touch for a chat. I am happy to offer friendly advice to see if one of our bespoke dresses is for you. See what our previous real brides have to say about their experience. 

Whether you are dreaming of an ivory gown, or an unconventional bridal outfit in a bold colour, or anything in between; I can’t wait to bring your vision to life.

For more information on our bespoke process, head over here or get in touch.

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